Gusseted Bags | Durable Bags to Hold Large and Bulk Items

Gusseted bags are bags with an expanded capacity. While you may not have heard the term [gusset" before, gussets are added material that increase the amount of volume of the bag.

Best for:

Bulk Items - Such as candies, nuts, beads, marbles, and more.

Bulky Items - Such as produce, baked goods, gift bag items, breads, and more.

Gusset bags are often used in food packaging, as well as hardware items, crafts, gardening/soil, and much more. Some of these bags stand upright, others do a great job releasing scents and preventing food spoilage. There are hundreds of different gusset bags available, and each one has the potential to provide you with affordable, wholesale packaging for your business.

With flat bottom gussets (gussets that stand on their own), zipper pouches , and heavy duty gussets all available, we have a variety of choices so that your business is able to find the bags that it needs for your products.