Flat Pouches

Somipack manufacture premium quality Flat Pouches, it is also called as three side seal bags.

Flat pouches are the perfect solution for efficient and economical packaging. The simplicity of our flat pouches ensures that minimal effort is required to package and seal these bags, giving customers more time and money to distribute to other channels.

On flat pouches bags, there isn`t a bottom gusset so these cannot stand. Many clients will choose this type of pouch packaging and add a hang hole. Flat pouches for retail are perfect for smaller items less than 1 pound such as spices and ingredients or even pet treats and non-food items such as chemicals. To be clear, flat pouches can certainly hold more than 1 pound and have printing as good as stand up pouches and other product packaging, however since they can only hang or lay flat they provide limited retail options.

Available in clear poly or metallized materials, these pouches provide great packaging alternatives. Various colors and printed patterns are available to suit the needs of any product.

This type of packaging is one of the most popular bags for ease of use, used in packing a large number of products such as:

Pet Food Packaging

Packaging cosmetics

Packaging of food products

Coffee and tea packaging

Packaging organic products

Frozen Packaging

Cheese Packaging

Packaging of sugar and many other products

You can add to the flat pouches:

Euro slots can be added (to hang the bags instead of placing them on the shelves).

A transparent window can be added so that customers can see the product.

A zipper can be adder so that customers can easily reach their fresh, favorite products again and again