Sipping drinks out of pouches is back in style. It`s casual and cool to drink it right from the pack rather than pouring it out in a glass. Standup pouches are used extensively in juice packaging, and they offer many advantages to the customers as well as manufacturers and traders. Simple sipper pouches have always been used by juice companies. There are simple capped spouts for small juice pouches while screw caps are used for larger packets. Spouts make pouring and sipping much easier.

These pouches are made of barrier packaging that combines several laminated layers for extra security and protection. They are a much better option than traditional glass or plastic drink packages since they take up much lesser shelf space. They are made out of recyclable material and help in reducing the carbon footprint.

Spouted pouches are a much more affordable and effective way of drink packaging in comparison to other available options. They are extremely light weight, making it easy even for small children to carry them around. They also support high quality printing, which is good for attracting customers. The storage of these pouches is quite simple; since they are flexible packages and take up the minimum space, thousands of them can be stacked up in a small room.