SomiPack makes excellent quality stand up pouches. With their ability to stand securely on shelves, stand up pouches have long been used as an excellent replacement for traditional bag-in-box packaging. This trend is only continuing to grow and stand up pouches are as popular as ever. It is a convenient technology to give the best print quality that supports multi colors, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product in a very unique way, the advantages of stand up pouches that are on the shelves in a way that attracts the shoppers.

Stand up pouches are lined with more than 2 layers to protect your product, meanwhile, the outer look of the pouch reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product. The advantages of straight bags are that they are available on the shelves to allow the customer to view the product in a better way that increases the chances of selling the product compared to the bags. Stand up pouches are strong enough to stand vertically on shelves and are made with multiple layers of barrier film that work together to keep the package upright without falling over, collapsing, or falling apart. Unlike the other regular ways of packaging, cannot be seen properly on the shelf. We recommend that you pack your products in a stand up pouch for better sales.

The stand-up bags are available with zipper, which enables the consumer easy-to-use to open and close the bag. if you have zipper bags than it does not need a container to store the pouches or the product itself after opening the pouch. This feature works on selling the product more. We have different sizes and colors of straight bags to ensure that there are colors that are relevant to the brand of your products.

The bags are designed from several layers to protect the product and keep it fresh, and we have different sizes and colors of stand up bags, it is possible to choose between stock or custom pouches that are printed with your product`s designs on them according to your request and in case of not have a design or have an old design and you want to change it ,our team of graphic designers will do it for you.

You can add to the stand-up pouches:

A transparent window can be added so that customers can see the product.

The valve can be added to keep the product from being exposed to air and gases.

Euro slots can be added (to hang the bags instead of placing them on the shelves).