Somipack produces stand up bags with a spout. That is one of the greatest solutions for liquid packaging because it is less expensive than other solutions like bottles and jars. It is one of the types of straight bags, which gives it the same distinctive shape when placed on the shelves to attract shoppers, and this distinctive design makes the transfer easier And the more you can compare it with the glass.

Bags with a tap in the packaging of many industries such as: packaging of juices and energy drinks, liquid soap packaging, oil packaging, pharmaceutical packaging. There are two types of bags with tap depending on the size of the tap you can choose between 10 mm or 22 mm Also you can choose where the addition of the tap in the side at a angle of 45% and filled the bag from a hole in the top of the bag or can be attached to the tap in the middle of the upper part of the bag and it can fill the bag from the tap.