Somipack has been helping customers across the world to identify and create the most effective lidding solutions to meet individual packaging needs. Used in a wide range of retail, supermarket and bulk packed tray products, lidding film technology has developed a great deal in recent years, with somipack constantly seeking new and innovative ways to satisfy the most challenging of lidding requirements.


Our current range of lidding films offer a number of distinct advantages, including:


l Cost savings – up to 20% saving in tray costs, with removal of rigid lid

l Easy first opening

l Superior reclosing / resealing functionality

l High shrinkage effect

l Anti-fog

l High moisture barrier

l Product waste reduction


Designed with the essential strength, peelability, puncture resistance and barrier properties required to maintain peak product freshness; our high quality multi-colour printed films provide great shelf presence and extended shelf life for a variety of `easy peel` or `weld seal` applications. We have years of experience matching the correct film type with a particular tray material and offer lidding film solutions for a wide range of tray types, including PP, PET, PVC, PS and foil. We can also match your lidding requirements with thermoform, semi-rigid bottom web films.