Somipack manufactures the most popular types of packaging bag, which are almost used in packaging of most industries. We manufacture different sizes of printed bags.

We produce high quality printed bags with various designs, styles, shapes, colors, sizes, and long durability. It`s depends on which purpose to use. Mostly our clients ask for the plain, colored, multicolor, custom designs or single colored bags. We produce printed bags according to our customers` requirements. This packaging bags are perfect for filling several types of products/materials, because this printed bags are customized and comes with different sizes, shapes and also comes with the euro-slot, tear-notch, re-sealable zipper lock and degassing valve.

We offer the additional fitments facility with pouches for more convenience for filled products:



Slots for suspension

Transparent window

We have different forms of printed packaging pouches:

Stand-up Pouches

Flat Pouches

Flat Bottom Bags

Gusseted Bags

Spout Pouches

Roll Stock Film

Printed packaging bags are used in many Industries such as:

Coffee Packaging Bags

Chips Packaging Bags

Nuts Packaging Bags

and many Others