SomiPack offers a full range of packaging services to help strengthen your brand. We know how to make you stand out from the crowd!

Powder and Granules Packaging Bags offered by us are used for meeting the packing demands of commodities in powdered as well as granules form. These packaging bags can also be made available in different shapes as well as size options as well as can also be customized as per the specific parameters provided by the customers.

For products like flour, it is very important to use barrier packaging that will protect your product from outside factors that will make your product go rancid – like moisture.



The packaging for powders that we can provide you with use multiple layers of barrier film to make sure the powder stays safe from concerns like odors, moisture, air, UV light, and punctures. These layers of film have been laminated together because honestly, one layer of film just isn't enough, this single layer won't keep your product fresh.


We pride ourselves on the fact that any packaging for powders you get from SomiPack will be thick and sturdy, standing up against all the elements. On top of that, our packaging bags give you the option of customizing your packaging. Our pouches have wide front and back areas so that you can use a multitude of designs. Once your designs have been approved as having out our artwork guidelines, you'll receive your order within 6-12 weeks.