Somipack manufactures the best types of Vacuum bags compared to the bags in the market.

Our bags are available straight with and without a zipper. These bags are used to pack any kind of products with air discharge. Therefore, the product will remain in its original form, fresh and healthy. This type of packaging is better than the sense of space utilization inside the freezer. Vacuum bags have a special material that helps to keep the product inside the bag, preventing air and moisture. It also has the power to withstand shocks or storage for long periods of time and is irritating to the holes. It can be stored at a temperature of up to 80/90 ° C. And degrees cooler up to (25.) ° C. Bags used for vacuum packaging for many products such as:


Frozen Meat


Fruits for fresh

Dried fruits

Organic food intake



Spices many other products.

We manufacture vacuum bags using the latest technology, we use several layers to form the final bag shape, these layers to save the product from exposure to bacteria and microbes and therefore longer validity of the product. One of the most important features of vacuum bags, unlike the normal packaging, vacuum bags take advantage of much less storage space.