Stick packs are a type of flexible pouch suitable for food packaging, cosmetics packaging, healthy products packaging, or other packaging. Stick packaging gets its name from its shape, which is long and skinny like a stick of gum. The packs themselves are sealed on two shorts ends and have a seal down the back.

Stick Packs are a specific form of vertical fill, form and seal (VFFS) pouching. The material can be paper or plastic and can be printed or plain. Stick Packs are cylindrical shaped pouches that are used for single serve dosage. They require 10 % – 40 % less packaging material than equivalent rectangular or square pouches. But be prepared for minimum film orders and start up plate costs.


Stick packs have been around for a number of years but they have been experiencing resurgence as of late because of a new market for flavored products. Sugar substitutes, diet drink mixes, energy drinks and vitamin waters have all driven the need for this type of food packaging.

The stick pack is an increasingly successful format of due to its practicality. The food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even the home cleaning sectors demand this solution to cater for the high demand from their consumers.

Stick packs are especially valuable for new product introduction & promotions. A unique unit dose application stick packs easily deliver powders, liquids & gels better than rectangles. Don`t limit them to just restaurant table sugar. They are commonly used for protein mixes , flavorings, spices , and H&B creams.


l Slim, Compact & Easy Opening Pour

l Sticks Deliver Product with No Spillage

l Unique, Colorful and Eye Catching

l Provide a Higher Perceived Value for Marketing

l Can be sized to neatly pour into a water bottle


This stick packs pouch requires customized film , sizing and printing. Lead times from art approvals normally run 4 – 6 weeks to production.